Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Road and the Radio

This past weekend - while storms raged on in OKC - Bart, Mom, and I spent about 4 hours rocking out with Sugarland, Dierks Bentley (Pause for reflecting on his hotness factor), and Kenny Chesney. What a concert!! Kids - seriously - fork out the money when Kenny comes to town. He puts on a show!! Once again, I followed the rules (when will I learn to walk on the edge?) and did not bring a camera because the tickets clearly stated....NO CAMERAS/VIDEO/AUDIO. Only to find out once we are inside, EVERYONE had cameras (Insert own choice anger response to the situation). Bart decides to save the day and go out to the car and get the camera. Great idea - until you read the signs on the door that read NO RE-ENTRY. Once again, I attend a concert without a camera. I am either going to have to pack one in or get a camera phone, but this insanity must stop. I do have t-shirts for both concerts that I have attended in the last month, so I can prove I really was there!!!!

On a side note, many of you have asked for a picture of Grissy to be posted. I am currently working on it and he should be on here soon. He will be so pleased to know he is popular - just like his mom (some of you may also say crazy and neurotic like his mom - but let's just leave those comments unspoken). I know I also owe many of you the explanation to our blog name (Boy - aren't you guys nosey...tee hee). That will be coming soon as well.