Monday, January 15, 2007

Repo Man: These guys are dedicated to their jobs

Now you may be thinking "Why would Tracey be talking about the Repo man, how embarrassing?" or "She could have just asked for money and we would have helped". This story is not about us directly, so breathe easy - Bart and I are doing fine.

In a earlier blog we had mentioned that people are always welcome at our place anytime. Well, someone out there must have taken that a little too literally. Wednesday night at 2:30am, Bart and I (Grissom and Batley too) were in bed and toasty warm. I was sleeping great because I was home battling the "Black Plague of all flu's", but suddenly I heard my dog barking, and Bart getting out of bed. There was someone knocking on our front door and ringing our doorbell like crazy. I immediately think of the degenerates next door, and figure one of our neighbors friends forgot which duplex was where they were staying.

It felt like 2 years for Bart to finally get to the door. We have no weapons in the house, so Bart had to use the fireplace poker tool as his back up. Bart opened the door only as wide as the chain would allow, and asked what was going on. Come to find out some guy was looking for a girl whose truck was being repossessed. The guy was told she was at our place, or we at least knew how to find her. It took Bart a couple of minutes to convince the guy that we didn' t know her or where to find her.

Later it made me think how sneaky and dedicated these guys have to be to do their jobs. They have to track these people down, and sneak attack them too. Plus, they probably have to deal with some scary people - which makes the 2:30am sneak attack so smart!! Keep up the good work Repo Men. Just keep us out of the excitement in the future please.

"To the Moon, Bart"

We have had such weird things happening lately around here. It makes you wonder about the people we live around! The other evening Bart took Grissom outside to conduct his "evening affairs". As Bart is waiting for Grissy I hear him say "What the hell?". He then tells me to come outside. Once I get out there I see some guy walking into the duplex of the guy next door (the electricity stealer). Apparently this guy was outside with his "Junk in his trunk" exposed to the world. Bart isn't sure what quite happened, but we have three guesses, the last of which is the most disturbing. The guy was heavily intoxicated, but it still makes all 3 very painful to consider!

1. He fell down and was pulling his pants up ( I know, who pulls their pants up from a squatting position? - Just let me go there and stay happy)

2. He was peeing and was startled by Bart, so he quickly pulled up his pants.

3. He was "going #2" in the yard. This is Bart's hypothesis. Notice I say hypothesis. We did not go over to investigate the situation the next day. It is best to leave some things alone.

As you can see, things only continue to amaze me more each day! "To the Moon Bart, to the Moon"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Road Rage - Scary and True

This past friday I had the unfortunate experience with road rage. I take a highway on the way to work every day, and I consider myself a very polite and consciencious driver. I had to swerve into another lane on Friday to avoid hitting two cars in front of me. There was a space for me to do that and not harm anyone. Evidently the car I got in front of felt the need to have a set amount of feet in front of his truck, and he didn't like me getting into that area.

He proceeded to follow me on my tail, and even came around on the side of my Explorer and tried to run me onto the side of the road. Luckily for me, I watch a ton of the real crime shows and the cold case shows. Bart mocks me for it, but I feel I learn some interesting stuff from it.

There is a place in the trip on my way to work where I go to the right onto a smaller highway to get to work. So, to lose the crazy guy in the truck, I decided to act like I was going straight until the last moment. At the last moment, I jerked my car to the right over the white "don't cross over" lines and was able to lose him. I was very scared and did okay until I called Bart to tell him what happened. Of course, the tears came easily!! What makes people so crazy on the roads that they would put my life and others' lives into danger just to prove a point that I should have not entered his lane? I know that things can always end differently and I am thankful that I didn't get some crazy with a gun! If I hit the guys in front of me, they could have become angered as well. I guess at times you don't which would be safer, hit someone or swerve into the next lane? Here is wishing you all safe and road rage free travelling in the year of 2007.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

2006 - A Year of Changes

Every once in awhile one of my friends will try to convince me that I need to write a book about some of the things that have happened to Bart and I. It seems we do have a lot of fun together, and we always have some pretty odd things happen to us. I need to catch you up on some of the fun times we have had in the last year. We will try to recall some of our favorites, and post them over the next couple of weeks. I hope that they bring you tons of laughter and enjoyment. I also was bad about mailing our Christmas letter from 2005 ( I know, it is sad), but it was one of my favorite years. I will be posting that on here as well soon. That was a year that included raw sewage and kidney stones. Stay tuned!!!

Extension cords and cuss words

We went back to OKC this year for Christmas.

Pause for some explanation: We now live in a duplex in Arlington, and we have a interesting driveway here. I had never really seen anything like these driveways before, but they are all over the area here. I guess it keeps the cost down when building duplexes. Who knows? We share a driveway with the neighboring duplex building. You come up our driveway and go to the right to get our parking spaces, and go to the left for our neighbor. Now, I will leave our neighbor's name out of this in case he should stumble upon my blog. We have appropriately named him "Good Charolette". He is a nice kid for the most part, and unfortunately, he was without power for 2 and half weeks.

So, I am loading our car up to head home and "GC" comes out and asks if we are leaving town for Christmas. We exchange the normal pleasantries that you do around the holiday season, closing out with "Have a merry christmas". We leave and have a great Christmas. I had to work this year the day after Christmas, so we headed back home on Christmas day. We arrived home around 7pm that night. We had my brother in law David, sister-in-law Kristen, and niece Kalyn with us. I am in the back seat with the girls and can't see anything, but while pulling into the driveway I hear a stream of cuss words come from my husbands mouth (Kalyn is only 6 months thank goodness. Uncle Bart will soon have to watch his words). Confused and not sure of what is happening, Bart throws open the car door and hops out of the car. I see him go to the side of our house, pull on something, and throw whatever it is across to our neighbors yard. Come to find out our neighbor had plugged a extension cord into our outside electrical socket and had been using our electricity all Christmas weekend. The worst part of all of this is as we are pulling into the driveway, I say "Oh look, how wonderful, "GC" has his electricity back on. I see light in his living room"

Oh yeah- he had electricity- on my dime!!!! The audicity of people. It never ceases to amaze me.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back and better than ever!!

After much nagging from some of you ( I know some of you are wondering who wanted to hear about us so much that they would bother us to return to blogging), we have resumed our blog. We did this half to appease the few of you who enjoy our lives so much. The other half is to make it convinent for our future house guests to know when we are available. We are now residing in Texas and we have already had quite a few house guests. Our house is always open to any of you. Don't stay longer than a week though, or Bart will begin to charge you rent (just kidding). We will be getting a bed for the spare bedroom in the next month or so (from IKEA!) so bear with us and the queen air bed a little longer.

Texas is becoming what we expected it to- fun and busy!! Bart and I plan to hopefully start taking some courses next fall (2007) to begin the journey of getting our Masters. Bart still works for the flooring company(almost four years now), and Barnes and Noble (his fun job) part time. I somehow found myself back in a pediactric office with 5 doctors again. I am working up front and things are slowly getting better. I called Bart my first day at lunch crying because no one was really befriending me. I know how shocking that sounds that no one wanted to be my friend - I am so personable!!! I have slowly begun to make friends and generally enjoy the clinic I work in . We will see how it pans out in the future.

If you are interested in coming for a weekend to visit, you will find our open weekends listed on a calendar under our links below. We named it Bart and Tracey's Bed and Breakfast ( I thought it was a appropriate name). There are no rates to stay here. We just wanted a fun way for you to be able to see when we are in town. Just drop us a email if you want a weekend, and we will block it out for you. We strive to be a fun host and hostess.

We are going to strive to be better at this. We'll see how well we do!!