Monday, January 15, 2007

Repo Man: These guys are dedicated to their jobs

Now you may be thinking "Why would Tracey be talking about the Repo man, how embarrassing?" or "She could have just asked for money and we would have helped". This story is not about us directly, so breathe easy - Bart and I are doing fine.

In a earlier blog we had mentioned that people are always welcome at our place anytime. Well, someone out there must have taken that a little too literally. Wednesday night at 2:30am, Bart and I (Grissom and Batley too) were in bed and toasty warm. I was sleeping great because I was home battling the "Black Plague of all flu's", but suddenly I heard my dog barking, and Bart getting out of bed. There was someone knocking on our front door and ringing our doorbell like crazy. I immediately think of the degenerates next door, and figure one of our neighbors friends forgot which duplex was where they were staying.

It felt like 2 years for Bart to finally get to the door. We have no weapons in the house, so Bart had to use the fireplace poker tool as his back up. Bart opened the door only as wide as the chain would allow, and asked what was going on. Come to find out some guy was looking for a girl whose truck was being repossessed. The guy was told she was at our place, or we at least knew how to find her. It took Bart a couple of minutes to convince the guy that we didn' t know her or where to find her.

Later it made me think how sneaky and dedicated these guys have to be to do their jobs. They have to track these people down, and sneak attack them too. Plus, they probably have to deal with some scary people - which makes the 2:30am sneak attack so smart!! Keep up the good work Repo Men. Just keep us out of the excitement in the future please.

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The1Bo1 said...

Jim Siebels (remember that guy?) used to do that over the summers with his uncle who was a repo-man. I know that they got shot at and attacked a few times.