Sunday, April 15, 2007

Disappearing in the night, Cobra, and other updates

Hey Everyone!!

So I did the bad thing of not keeping up on the blogging, but we have literally been gone almost every weekend. There is much to update, but we will break it down over the next couple of weeks.

Some of my personal highlights:

1. Good Charolette has vacated the premises. We saw him loading his truck one night, but I didn't think anything of it. Next day we realize the place is empty. Sure enough, he left in the middle of the night (aka: I owe rent- I am not paying- I need to run!!) Thus began the cleaning of the duplex to rent again. Nastiest carpet I have ever seen, and so much junk and trash to throw away.

2. We now have two new neighbors. At first I was excited. They seemed like a nice couple. Life in the suberbs was going back to good times. The next thing I know I am being awaken by this sound, "God (beep) Cobra, get your Mother (Beep) (Beep) back here. Cobra. Cobra!!!" Yes, our new neighbors have two dogs. A pug named Cobra and a French Bull dog whose name has yet to be broadcasted across the cul-de-sac yet. In due time, everyone, in due time!!
Most of my mornings on the weekend include the F word in them. It's good times around here, all the time!!

I will try to remember some of the other "good times" we have had the last couple of months and keep you posted. As always, our lives include such random and fun events. Never a dull moment at the Willingham Abode!!