Monday, January 15, 2007

"To the Moon, Bart"

We have had such weird things happening lately around here. It makes you wonder about the people we live around! The other evening Bart took Grissom outside to conduct his "evening affairs". As Bart is waiting for Grissy I hear him say "What the hell?". He then tells me to come outside. Once I get out there I see some guy walking into the duplex of the guy next door (the electricity stealer). Apparently this guy was outside with his "Junk in his trunk" exposed to the world. Bart isn't sure what quite happened, but we have three guesses, the last of which is the most disturbing. The guy was heavily intoxicated, but it still makes all 3 very painful to consider!

1. He fell down and was pulling his pants up ( I know, who pulls their pants up from a squatting position? - Just let me go there and stay happy)

2. He was peeing and was startled by Bart, so he quickly pulled up his pants.

3. He was "going #2" in the yard. This is Bart's hypothesis. Notice I say hypothesis. We did not go over to investigate the situation the next day. It is best to leave some things alone.

As you can see, things only continue to amaze me more each day! "To the Moon Bart, to the Moon"

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The1Bo1 said...

My vote is with him peeing in the yard. I didn't see it, of course, but when you have too much to drink--its my experience that peeing is pretty common.