Saturday, January 06, 2007

Extension cords and cuss words

We went back to OKC this year for Christmas.

Pause for some explanation: We now live in a duplex in Arlington, and we have a interesting driveway here. I had never really seen anything like these driveways before, but they are all over the area here. I guess it keeps the cost down when building duplexes. Who knows? We share a driveway with the neighboring duplex building. You come up our driveway and go to the right to get our parking spaces, and go to the left for our neighbor. Now, I will leave our neighbor's name out of this in case he should stumble upon my blog. We have appropriately named him "Good Charolette". He is a nice kid for the most part, and unfortunately, he was without power for 2 and half weeks.

So, I am loading our car up to head home and "GC" comes out and asks if we are leaving town for Christmas. We exchange the normal pleasantries that you do around the holiday season, closing out with "Have a merry christmas". We leave and have a great Christmas. I had to work this year the day after Christmas, so we headed back home on Christmas day. We arrived home around 7pm that night. We had my brother in law David, sister-in-law Kristen, and niece Kalyn with us. I am in the back seat with the girls and can't see anything, but while pulling into the driveway I hear a stream of cuss words come from my husbands mouth (Kalyn is only 6 months thank goodness. Uncle Bart will soon have to watch his words). Confused and not sure of what is happening, Bart throws open the car door and hops out of the car. I see him go to the side of our house, pull on something, and throw whatever it is across to our neighbors yard. Come to find out our neighbor had plugged a extension cord into our outside electrical socket and had been using our electricity all Christmas weekend. The worst part of all of this is as we are pulling into the driveway, I say "Oh look, how wonderful, "GC" has his electricity back on. I see light in his living room"

Oh yeah- he had electricity- on my dime!!!! The audicity of people. It never ceases to amaze me.

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