Monday, January 28, 2008

Confessions of a Biased Woman

I had the enlightening experience this weekend that I am indeed a biased woman. I know - it is horrible. Who am I biased against? My husband. Okay, now I know that doesn't seem to be a huge monumental life shattering moment, but I did realize something this weekend.

I expect Bart to know how to fix anything because he is supposed to as the husband.

Now if Bart were to come home and tell me to do something in particular and I say I don't know how to or don't care, he says ok. Our dryer began making this horrible squeaking noise. The noise is so ear piercing I am sure that the number of strays in our neighborhood has decreased. I am not kidding!!! We are missing two cats and a dog that I used to see running around. I think the packed up and moved a couple blocks down due to the ear damaging noise coming out of my house.

So, I don't want to buy a new dryer when the one we have works well enough. What do I do? Look to Bart and say, "Can't you make it stop?" His response is, "I have never worked on a dryer before." My response is eye blinking and staring at him until he gets a flashlight and takes my dryer apart.

The best part? He FIXED the squeaking!!! So, maybe I am not necessarily biased, but confident that my husband is a brillant person who can figure anything out - like MacGyver.

Yeah - that sounds better than being biased.
(Check back soon for pics of my "MacGyver" working on the dryer. He was personally thrilled that I was taking pictures of him while he is trying to work on the appliance. He really doesn't understand the addiction of blogging and pictures, does he?)

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Mom Pressel said...

I will sort of miss the squeaking sound when I come to visit in March. Not really....even with an ear ache at Christmas, the squeaking was terrible!