Thursday, April 10, 2008

"A Time To Break Silence"

I found the speech in audio version and underneath the audio is the speech written out. All in one location. The speech was delivered by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1967. He was addressing such issues as the Vietnam war, but also subjects of racism and poverty. Listen to the words of his speech and consider - has our world changed since 1967 or have we made little progress since King's speech? I have my own opinion but have decided to refrain from blogging about it. It is more important to me that you listen to the speech without bias - either negative or positive. This speech was introduced to me on Monday night through a guest speaker we had in my Human Behavior and Diverse Populations course. It was an inspirational class and made every dollar that I spend to receive my education worth it!! Please make the time to listen or read the speech and consider what your reaction or call to action might be. It will take close to an hour to listen to, so if you are pressed for time, read a little bit each day found below the audio. "Beyond Vietnam - A Time to Break Silence" by Martin Luther King Jr.

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