Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busy Busy

If there was an equivalent for neglect to a blog like there is for adult protective services, I would be charged on major neglect!!!! I have been so busy keeping up my blog in the "craft world" that I have SEVERELY neglected this blog. This semester of school mixed with life has really challenged me on making time count. I am currently completing 400 hours of field work and finally getting a chance to "practice" social work!! I don't know if many people can relate to this, but it feels so good to finally find a career where my talents, interests and the basic enjoyment of going to a job I like have finally met. I have often wondered on my journey if I would ever get to have a career that I would enjoy.

SO - anyway - back to the good time stories of our lives! I have enjoyed sharing this blog and have enjoyed so many people seeing the humor in our lives. I have set the goal to post once a week on here. I need to pick up the pace people!!!

Let me kick off this week with an honor that was bestowed to me! I received the BFF Gold Card award! So here are the rules:

The rules are:

1. Only five people allowed.

2. Four of them have to be dedicated followers of your blog and one has to be new and live in another part of the world.

3. You have to link back to who gave you the award.

Aunt Pitty Pat's has been a friend who has followed my craft blog and she nominated this blog as one she likes! How awesome. So here are my five folks you MUST check out!

1. SarahsCorner - http://sarahscorner.com/ Awesome girl and such a FAST seamstress!

2. I'm a Ginger Monkey - http://www.imagingermonkey.blogspot.com/ Not only is she funny - and I mean hilarious - but SO talented

3. C Berry Baby - http://cberrybaby.blogspot.com/ So creative and a beautiful family!

4. Sew Much Fabric, So Little Time - http://beezekneesfashions.blogspot.com/ I have nominated her before for other awards, but man, she is the queen of knocking projects out!!!

5. Niki's Knacks - http://nikisknacks.blogspot.com/ She has recently joined my blog followers, and her blog is too cute. Check it out!

Thanks to Aunt Pitty Pat's for nominating me. Go check out these awesome blogs! Check back soon for more humorous stories (believe me - we were busy this summer making memories)!

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MomP said...

Just make sure those memories if of your mom are good ones! =)