Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can sticks float upstream?

Our friend Liesl reminded us of this story and I must say it is one of my favorites. Probably one of the most romantic things Bart has ever done for me.

When we worked at Camp Lutherhoma together we did adventure camps throughout the week with campers. One such option was the Canoe option. Two days of canoeing the Illinois River with tons of kids. Good times!! The typical canoe assignment has a counselor lead canoe, an end canoe, and some in between. Our lead canoe gets us to where we are going and end canoe dislodges all the canoes from wrecks and the bank of the river. The middle canoes try to maintain calm and order.

Not surprising at all, Bart usually was the end canoe. On one such trip I had two campers in my canoe with me who were not expert canoers. As we reached a certain area, my canoe became lodged in the trees along the river bank. Usually we just push or try to scoot it loose if you can. Luckily this time, I decided to get my girls out and have them float downstream to where all the other canoers and counselors were. Once they were out and safe I tried to move the canoe myself with no luck at first, but it finally budged. I was trapped in a deeper area of water and would have to climb over a huge tree trunk to make my way downstream. Just as I was about to start the climb out, I heard a splash like a branch falling in water. About this time, Bart happened upon the scene, and parked his canoe on a island in the middle of the river. I was fascinated with this stick downstream from me that seemed to be heading towards me UPSTREAM. Bart yells to come on, and the conversation continues on this way:

T: Sparty (his camp name), can a stick move upstream?
B: No, why?
T: Because, there is a stick with white on the end coming towards me

Bart beginnings tearing across the river toward me at this moment

T: What are you doing?
B: That is a snake, get out of there!!

I can't remember the exact words I said, but I know they were not Christian or child appropriate. However, I couldn't get across the log half because it was so large, half because I couldn't keep my eyes off the snake who was extremely close to me.

Next thing I know, Bart rips me across the log into the safety of the river, seconds before the snake reached me. Come to find out, it was a water moccasin intending to sample a little of Tracey. No thank you!!! I had to take a couple moments before going downstream to meet the kids because I was shaking so bad. We didn't want the kids to freak out.

All the girls loved that Bart pulled me out of the water where "I was just stuck in the mud, nothing else". He became the strong cool counselor that trip.

Bart, my hero! (Sigh)


sarahross said...

Oh that is romantic. Kind of like when Spidey hit me with the rock he was skipping across the water. I do love the snake story. Those were sweet times and I love going back...keep the stories coming (some of them you can just keep to yourself, right?) Love you.

Mom Pressel said...

I think Tracey needs to post some Tracey and Sarah stories....but not the ones that involve me...because I was a perfect mother! =)