Friday, February 01, 2008

Confusing words can lead to embarrassing moments

When Bart and I were preparing to get married we had to each take a blood test for Syphilis before we could get a marriage license. Oklahoma law mandated it back it our times. I think you don't have to do it anymore. Anyway - we went to the doctor and had our tests done. We waited for just a few minutes for the results. The nurse came back in and told us we were both negative and gave us the paper so we could get our license. Then came the moment that I will never live down from my husband or family members. There are times where I swear my brain shuts down to reboot and during this time all stupid thoughts escape while I can't stop them. Here is how the conversation went:

Nurse: "Here is the paper. You are both negative"
T: "Wooooo. That is a relief. I was nervous"
(Bart looks at me with a horrified face that says, "why are you concerned that you would be positive?")
T: "Although I have to say I don't think it is any of Oklahoma's business. I mean, who cares if I have a curve in my spine. I am so relieved that my spine is okay."

Bart and the nurse started laughing so hard that I was VERY confused. What did I say that was so funny? Bart finally gets himself composed enough to say,

"Tracey, that is scoliosis. This test was to see if you had a genital disease."

My face was so red and so horrified. The whole time up to this appointment I had tried to figure out where in the world the government felt it had the right to know how my spine was. I recalled all the times in elementary and middle school they used to call us down to check our spines. I figured it must continue on into adulthood.

I promise you I am a smart girl. I just have my moments. I guess being a Doctor is nowhere to be seen in my future!!!!!

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frankenpug said...

Oh that is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle:)